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August 17th, 2010, 11:35 AM
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How do I say this.... I'd love to have your problem lol! Honestly I can see it as being too much especially if you aren't a huggy type person but it is better than the alternative - they hate you!

I had the same problem about discipline as you. I'm the softly - Dh is ex is militant. He just did whatever she told him when he was married. It was a bit of a struggle at 1st but he's coming around to my way.

It's not that I let my kids get away with things. It's just that I use situations as a learning moment. I'm into them learning and understanding what right instead of being doing the right thing because they are afraid to be punished. I have very little issues with them unlike some of their friends with their parents. My kids don't have to rebel because there's nothing to rebel against.

I get compliments about their behavior all the time.

My stepdaughters - especially the oldest - I can see totally rebelling because they can't think for themselves at all. They have to have constant rules. Not sure what's going to happen when they are out on their own & the rules aren't there anymore.

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