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August 19th, 2010, 01:09 PM
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Hello Ladies!
I normally post on ttcwma. I still do..but i thought i would join yall..if thats okay!

Im Jessie and Dh is Santos. We have been ttc for 3 years but are currently on a ma break. (Hoping to try ivf again in the spring) We have always wanted to have bio children and adopt. So in no way are we trying to replace the child we cant have with adoption. We absolutely love kids and have so much love to give we decided to go forth with foster care adoption. We have finished our home study, inspection etc. and turned in we are just waiting.

My question is does anyone have any idea how long it will take for us to hear anything back on the adoption certification? I asked my liscensing worker but she wouldnt give me a time frame. She said the hold up is the courts..but if you guys have already been through long did it take you? (we also are waiting to hear about our foster care license too)

Thanks in advance!


So when we checked our our surprise there was a letter from the clerk of the courts!! We opened it and it said our application for adoption had been approved and we now have a case #!!! Our Licensing worker just turned all the last minute stuff in last Friday and just yesterday we go this!! We are soo excited! I called her and now she has to get her copy in and send the home study to the courts!! I cant believe its finally happening!! Woo hoo..we will be certified soon she said!! YAY!!

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