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June 22nd, 2006, 11:02 PM
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The parts of the pelvis that matters most in birthing a baby (the inlet and midsection), are completely undetectable visusally or through palpation. I have attended to mothers who were TEENY TINY (one comes to mind who was straight as a rail and whose hips were no wider than the length of my hand) and gave birth to 8+ pound babies.

And tearing has a lot less to do with size of baby than it has to do with position and presentation of baby. As long as the pressure from baby is slow and even on your bottom, you won't tear. A tiny 36 week baby could have her hand by her head and cause a terrible tear, not because of size, but beacause of uneven pressure.

And I second the idea of looking for a more supportive doctor. Someone who is already planning a c-section for you is not likely to be willing to work with you during your birth to help you have the birth of your dreams.
Charlotte, midwife mama to Samuel and Atley, mourning the loss of our "March Baby"
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