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August 21st, 2010, 10:03 AM
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Right now I'm leaning towards a VBAC the biggest reason because I dont know if I'm ready to give up not ever going into labour again... this will be our last baby and right now I still crave that moment when you get that first contraction and you realize this is IT. And I think part of me wants to know if I can do it, kwim? I think part of the reason I was sad/angry about Hunter's birth was because I felt like I just hadnt been strong enough.... like if I had only stayed home a few more hours, or if I had walked around the hospital longer, if I had waited longer for the epi.... if all of those things had happened maybe I would have dilated past 3cm.....

But I do know thats a LOT of ifs, and I know that its possible I could have done all those things and still not got past 3cm...... so we will see.

I'm not going to lie either, even though a c/s has more risks, the IDEA of it being planned and that I can have everything ready makes me feel better. My sister is 3.5 hours away and we will need her to be here to take care of Hunter, so knowing the date and time I need her for makes me feel calmer... but I also know that from the time I go into labour it is very unlikely that I will dilate so fast I have to be in the hospital in the first 4 hours... LOL

does that make any sense?

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