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August 21st, 2010, 01:59 PM
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Well this is a set of lovely prepared women here and I'll give you my story also. I was in the Navy still when I got preggos at 19... I had my child not only away from him and family but way in Japan on 9/11/2001... one week shy of 20. and if that hadn't been the blessing of my life. You will get through it if you are determined to get through it. His comments- I agree- may be out of sheer fear, but in the end if he does decide to continue to be a complete d**k... Child support services are your FRIEND- it takes two and you shouldn't have to bear the burden or costs alone if he "opts" to not be proactive in the baby's life or take responsibility as you have. Bet he'll wear a condom next time! Either way.. I have accomplished plenty as a single mom... Of course it gets hard, but you can do whatever you put your mind to... IT administration, cosmetology license and bachelors degree... SINGLE MOM. <--- Yea..I did that single without his help. My baby is my inspiration. I don't need anyones approval- and as long as you're happy and know you can do alright without.. do your thing! Do not let him take over your mind and believe you're doing something wrong for taking responsibility for your actions. God bless and let your heart lead you where you need to be, but also remember to make good judgement calls too
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