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August 22nd, 2010, 08:57 AM
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First things first. You have to store your herbs. Keep herbs sealed in a screw lidded container. The best ones are the colored glasses (check your local antique or goodwill store). Store herbs out of the sunlight as this sun will change the chemical properties of the herbs, much like the sun can bleach out clothes.

The best way to use herbs is to grind them up your own w/ a mortar and pestle. The best are the ones pharmacists use because they're very coarse on the inside. Don't buy "soft" or wooden because they don't grind well and the wood can keep scents/colors/constituents from previous herbs ground. OR you can just buy the herbs from your whole foods store

Don't boil the herbs in water, as this will cause the chemical mixture in them to change and evaporate. Pour boiling water over the herb and then cover the pan/cup etc. . Use a ceramic pan/pot etc.., NEVER use metal or aluminum as this can cause toxic chemical mixtures. Keep herb covered for about 10-15 minutes.

You will now need to strain her herb. The best way to do this is using cheesecloth or a glass funnel.

HOW to use the herb will be coming shortly!

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