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August 22nd, 2010, 02:55 PM
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Well like the other ladies have said you can do it on your own. I was married and left an abusive husband when i was pregant for my oldest, and did the whole pregnancy and raising on my own. My youngest was the result of a one night stand with my best friend. He flipped his lid crying etc about how his life was over and its not right for us to have the baby and I should have an abortion. He's friends that knew us both congratulated him, which pissed him off and he whined about that too. His female "friends" planted in his head that I was trying to trap him in a relationship etc. I finally left everything a lone we talked once or twice a lot of nasty things throughout the pregnancy. I called him after she was born and he reaffirmed that he wanted nothing to do with her at all and he wasn't ready to be a dad. We talked once more after that face to face and he broke down and said that he was glad that it was me that he got pregnant of all the women he had slept with because he knew i was a great mom and she would be taken care of. But that he doesn't want to have children ever or get married for that matter. My daughter had some health issues while she was young, so i had to contact him to ask questions about his family back round. Well his present girlfriend started having issues with that and wouldn't allow us to talk without her being on the phone and telling him what to say etc. So i took him for child support even though i said i would do it on my own. He flipped a lid on that and then filed for custody and visitation. I was forced to drop the child support in order to get him to stop the custody and visitation matter. That is all stuff to consider while considering to have this baby. If you chose to have it, are you going to chose to have the father in its life etc and will you be able to handle shared holidays and weekends the new girlfriends etc? Those are all things to consider.
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