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August 22nd, 2010, 08:21 PM
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Kris---yes, I am very happy they don't hate me! I feel very blessed in is just going to take getting used to on my part, and until that happens, I just do need a little space.

My kids have actually gotten better behavior-wise now that we are in my apt. I was very stressed about living at the house, and ex would just come by whenever, and just walk in. I love having my own space and my own things and my own rules. Its great! Had a better weekend with discipline with Adam. He just is at a loss of what to do. Neither of us are consistant, which is a huge problem we are both working at solving. The closer it get to us officially combining our families, the more we will come up with the same rules, so that when we live together, it won't be so "unfair" or "unequal".

Rachel---I agree 100%...they have had so much insonsistancy with females in their lives, that i do think they are afraid to lose me. I wish I could say I could see into the future, but I am there for them for now, and more than likely for a very, very long time. I think I went overboard saying that he 'spanks alot' cuz, he didn't at all this weekend. Although, all of our kiddos were pretty well behaved idk. I just think in time it will all come together It has to be even harder to be a single dad...with a dead mother...and another who is a deadbeat. I couldn't imagine.

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