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August 24th, 2010, 12:58 PM
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Certain holidays we're supposed to switch off for... then we get the kids for 1/2 of winter break, and she gets them for the other 1/2, and I think which half we have, switches off also. However, since we're so far away, usually only the big time spans happen. Like they get a certain amount of time with their mother in the summer, but it didn't happen this year. We couldn't afford to fly to out there, she wouldn't fly here, and she wanted us to put the kids on an airplane BY THEMSELVES. One of them is 3 and 1/2, and my husband said no way in hell. She comes here to see them, or she doesn't see them.

However, she has no job, or so she says, and she has to split 1/2 the travel costs, and if she can't do that, how is she going to afford to care for them while they're with her? So I don't know how Christmas is going to go this year. She can come out here for it, but she has to stay in a hotel. She isn't staying in my house.

Although, it says in the paperwork that travel costs MUST be split 50/50, and once the kids are in your care, the expense is all on you. So, does this mean that she has to pay for half of my husband's plane ticket and half of mine, when we fly there? Does this mean we have to pay for half of her plane ticket when she flies here?
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