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June 23rd, 2006, 03:34 PM
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Hey CharmieCM

Unfortunately, no. They were a hospital birth with a very supportive OB. We were planning on a vertex (Baby A) and a breech (Baby B) vaginally. Well, Baby B flipped after her sis was born and was vertex as well.

We were induced at 36 weeks with pitocin as Baby B had no fluid in her sac from 48 hours previous and I was not laboring myself. So, after establishing contrax, we turned off the pit and I kept on my own. Beyond that one intervention - I was able to move on my own and utilize the hospital like my home (though I wish it were at home).

We were planning this to be our homebirth, but finances are keeping us from it. DH has promised that, if business picks up and bills are paid, we can spend that extra amount that it would take and we can have our homebirth. Here's praying and wishing!

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