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August 25th, 2010, 04:21 PM
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i agree with shell1981.... start the ov kit from day 10 of your cycle..... a friend of mine just had her 3rd girl and she said she used a kit and bd as soon as the pos result came up and she also done everything else that they say for boy method but still ended up with a girl. i did everything boy method says and also did ov kit but i waited 24 hours before bding after the pos result came up.... once you get pos result for surge in lh you usually ov 24 hours later, that could be why i ended up with a boy and she ended up with a girl. just make sure you read the instructions on the kit fully before using, the kit i used said it had to be tested at exactly same time every day during testing........ gl with trying for a boy and i hope to be back doing this all again soon. myself

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