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August 27th, 2010, 07:38 AM
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well i have started tempin again. I stopped b4 because i would read my temp at 98. something and then get af when it usually goes below the cover line b4 af shows i would get my hopes up thinkin i might be to only get a bfn or af. I wanted to start again just to see when i actually o'd. i been relyin on my body by ewcm and my opk's and o pain. I know i am right but just want to make 100% sure. Last night was my last dose of SI @ 150mg. I started takin them at cd7. I know that was to late according to every1 u should take them btwn cd1-5 etc but I wanted to just c what they do to mybody. The only side effect I am noticin is the headaches. Im sittin here lookin at my pharmacy. Thats what i call my pill collection. I take vitex, omega 3, 6, 9, iron, baby asprin, prenatal, b complex, b6, and fiber so yes i feel like a pharmacy. lol. I started takin robitussin not for cm but becuz i am gettin a cold. i think its the flu. scratchy throat and congestion. not feelin well at all. i think my kids got it also. I started hubby on zinc and womens vitamins. had a hard time getting him to take that. lol when he saw woman on the bottle he was like HEY Im not gone grow boobs am i. lol he so silly. the next day he came to me and say is this stuff suppose to make my pee high lighter yellow. i was like yep now your pee matches mine. Its so funny what we do to concieve. I sometimes wonder if takin all this is hurting my chances more then helping. Next week I go to the doctor for my blood work he is testing progesterone and TSH. he wants to see if i am actually ovulating. IDK if i am. i am having all the symptoms of ovulation. but maybe my egg is not actaully making it throuogh. i have read so many stories its making my head spin. I talked to pyschic last nite. She was goin on on bout how my finances gone straighten out soon, how much me and my husband are a perfect for each other and how I am gone live til i am in my late 80's. I just wanted to know if i was gone have a baby soon. She says yes its a boy. my head just dropped. all the other pyschics i talked to said girl and here she comes with a boy! I am thinkin that if i get my bfp sooner then maybe its gone be a boy. the other pyschic said nov-dec girl but if i get it sooner maybe Boy idk. maybe by takin all this meds its boostin my fertilty and i am redesignin the future. lol i sometiimes make myself laugh at the stuff i be saying. am i crazy but i been buyin baby clothes. only the stuff i c on sell though. they had alot of baby stuff on sale for a dollor so i grabbed it! is that pusing it? i think the pills are working cuz i dont have same symptoms this cycle. i didnt have any cramps or moodiness or breast ache or anything so i think its doin something. maybe all this isnt gone be in vain. i gotta go my kid school just called sayin he is sick. TTYL

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