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August 27th, 2010, 05:30 PM
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Well I'm not quite done yet,so I still have time to learn as much as I can until my little man arrives.

I do have a doula who's taught me so much and helped me come up with ideas for my birth plan. She told me about some choice I had no idea that I could even make. Did you know that it might be possible for the mama to cut the cord? I didn't.

I've tons of research on the net and have visited a few forums and asked lots of questions and right now I'm reading some different birth stories. Both mainstream hospital births and more natural births. I want to know what different types of births are like so I can be more prepared when it's my turn.

I did take 2 classes that were 2 hours each. They were taught by a lactation consultant who was a former nurse and midwife from The Uk. I learned the basics of birth and what happens,some breathing and pushing positions,massage and what pain meds are available and the pros and cons of each.

I'm feeling a lot more prepared but I'm still scared and not to sure what will happen or what options I'll end up choosing,but at least I have a clear idea of what could happen and I'm very confident that my doula will help me get through it all.
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