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August 27th, 2010, 10:24 PM
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I know thats the best thing but I feel like i am obsessed wit it. its on my mind like 24/7. We want whatever God blesses us with. We have 1 of each so it dont really matter. I bougt some more baby clothes today but it was mostly girl stuff. and he was like hey where the boy stuff dont discreminate. lol... i told him all they had was girl stuff. He like oh cuz we need alot of both cuz we havin both! I was told him what if its all girls we have r all boys he's like nope we having both then he put his hand on my stomach and started praying. lol he so silly. Is is sad that all i think bout is baby's? i see other pregnant woman and i think thats gone be me and when i c a baby i think aawww i wonder if our baby gone look like that. its literally on my mind like 24 7. I want it so bad. i never wanted anything so bad. maybe it cuz i cant have it when i want it. with my other 2 i wanted to get preg i counted and bam i was preg right on the nose the same month so this time its not like that and when somebody tell me i cant i have to prove them wrong.
I took a opk it was neg. when will i o already? i am on cd12. for the past few months i been o'n cd16 r 17 so i guess i have 5 more days til then. I am anxious this cycle bc of all the meds i am taking i guess. speakin of meds its bout time i down my pharmacy. update ff and go get some bdin on. Im also tryin the sperm meet egg plan. where u bd every other day after cd7 and then the day b4 o the day of o and the day after o. so we will c if this works... Im mad tired just gettin off from work need a shower! TTYL

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