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August 28th, 2010, 06:32 AM
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Your boys are too cute! Hope the turkey works for you!! I'd never heard of it before now. Keep us posted!

Originally Posted by Mama2Lovies View Post
But nothing worked on me except EPO. I'd insert that in at night and have contrax for a good 20min before I feel asleep every night.
I've been wondering lately, HOW do you do this? Just insert the entire gel cap? Or break it, then insert?

Originally Posted by Isaeph View Post
How exciting!! It's got to be tough going past your edd. I know I had given up hope with dd, who was born 4d early, but ds1 was born 15d early so it felt like she was 11d late to me. A few days before she was born I threw a fit and put all of her stuff away in a box in the closet.
LOL! This is SO me right now! I'm seriously having to remind myself daily that I am NOT over due...It really feels like it though!

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