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June 24th, 2006, 10:25 AM
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Up until I met my husband I always figured I would go to the hospital, get the pain meds and just basically do what the doctor told me to do. Then I met my husband... and his SIL had had 2 homebirths by the time we were dating. I thought she was nuts. She had a horrible midwife at those two births who didn't really know what they were doing. (She found out later that she could have died because of what the midwife had her do in labor with her first one) Her story turned me off to homebirths even more. Well for her thrid child she got a new midwife and this woman was absolutly WONDERFUL. I even met the midwife when she made the home visit. After I met her I totally looked into homebirthing... (this was before I was even pregnant). My husband hated hospitals and I kind of liked the idea of staying in comfort of my own home to have the baby. So about 2 years later... I got pregnant with Xander. We didn't have insurance at the time so going to a midwife just made sense. We went to the same midwife as my SIL and are still using her to this day. I LOVE MY MIDWIFE.
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