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August 28th, 2010, 01:14 PM
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Location: Pennsylvania

Age: 28

Child(ren): None yet; we are TTC #1

About your ED -

Type(s) of eating disorder: anorexia

Length (how long you have struggled with your ED): 13 years

Are you in Recovery?: Yes

How long in recovery (we all know its a lifetime struggle): 3 years

Tools you have used in your recovery: The biggest step for me was accepting that I had a problem. I have always had a rough relationship with food. As a child I used to hoard food - I like looking at it, but not eating eating it. As I hit my teenage years, I felt alot of pressure to be the best at school, sports, everything, and my response to the pressure was to quit eating. I first accepted my problem when I was 17 and began counseling. Since then I have had several relapses. My husband has been a huge support. He encourages me to attend periodic counseling sessions and to see a nutritionist several times a year. I am worried how I will react to the stresses and changes of pregnancy though.
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