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August 28th, 2010, 07:50 PM
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Well been feeling some twinges on my sides... one minute its the right and the next its the left. dont know if my body is tryin to get ready for the big O. I havent taken a opk yet but i know its goin to be a bfn. I bought some more baby clothes . Hey it was only $1. u can not pass that up. A co worker of mine is preg 6 weeks today she just had a mc 3 months ago so she is bein careful. all she do is talk bout it but i dont mind listening. i think thats y she always come to my area. She keeps sayin i pray everynight that u get preg too so our babies can play together. I remember when she was preg with her first i cried when she told me cuz she and her husband had been tryn for 2 years and it didnt happen so i thought she was in the same boat as me and then she gets preg and i was just soooo hurt that it happened for her but i was happy at the sametime. Now I am excited for her I guess cuz i have faith that my time will come. I really think I will be preg by the end of the year. I cant w8 til i have my test next week. Everybody keeps asking who i am buyin all the baby stuff for. I just tell them its for my neice cuz i dont want them all in my business. Everybody always asks me when am i gone have another baby. It gets depressing when i have to say not yet... I want to say oh in a few months r something like that but i guess its wishful thinkin. i cant w8 for the day i can announce i am preg! just did a opk and it was..... neg of course. i knew it was i dont usually test til i start getting the pain and ewcm. everytime i wipe i pray i see a lil ewcm. lol but nothing as of yet. well im goin to bed i am soooo tired update ff shower n off to bed. GNJM

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