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August 29th, 2010, 09:41 PM
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Feeling those twinges on my side again. more today then yesterday but still pretty sure i would get a neg on my opk... I am tired today think i am gone sit in the tub instead of shower try to relax my muscles. Well I didnt buy any baby clothes today didnt even go in the dept been really busy at work today so no time. I am thining of all the stuff i have in my closet baby wise just cant w8 til i am preg and be able to take it out and hang up the clothes and decorate the rooms. I cant wait til we move. Hopefully sometimes this year. I had a vision on how i would tell the IL's. We would take them to dinner and i would be wearing a jacket. i would take off the jacket sayin o its hot in here and my shirt would say bun in the oven with an arrow pointin at my stomach... what u think? i like it. We not gone tell the fam r any1 til after the fist tri we lost the last one at 10 weeks so i just want to get past it dont want to have announce another mc again. i was in more pain tellin people we lost the baby then actually miscarring. I been having stupid dreams lately. IDKY..... I really predict that I will be preg by the end of this year have i told yall that yet. You can quote me on it. I want milk brb.. got my milk and pop tart. just felt like something sweet. i need to go grociery shoppin soon cuz i am low on sweets maybe thats a good thing. Next cycle I am goin to start this fertilty diet. its a 21 day diet suppose to boost ya chance of conception. i had a chat buddy try it and she got her bfp and lost 9lbs so it cant hurt right... the only thing i wont be able to try is the fertilty smoothie. i dont have any maca root powder and cant buy any at the moment. at least wont get it in time for my next cycle.... i wonder if they have it a gnc i will have to check. i would like to loose some weight. i know thats y i am havin these prob i have gained so much weight i dont even recognize myself when i look in the mirror. i want to loose bout 50lbs... i did loose 36 for the wedding but gained bout 20 after it was over. a mess!!! Well off to bed i go get in the tub get some bdin cuz im feelin a little frisky... lol... TTYL

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