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August 30th, 2010, 04:23 PM
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I know how lost some adopted adults feel, esp when there is no info on the bio parents at all, I have five adult friends who were adopted and are still trying to "fit in" and be accepted, despite living 95% of their lives with adoptive families who adore them. My three don't need to be singled out as special b/c they are chosen or adopted, all four of my kids are special just because they are alive. In a perfect world, all adopted children will come to us as orphans, with no traumatic or negative history, but this isn't real most of the time. When I say trauma, to realize in your heart that your bio mom handed you to a stranger, thats what I mean by trauma and neg history. My kids will have to deal with the fact that the person who grew them, didn't want to spend her life with them. I think girls esp deal with that abandonment.
And I think sharing your story is a little like telling everyone you're TTC and it doesn't happen right away, you'll know for yourself when you don't want to share anymore.
I like the idea of the Life Book-but I'd rather focus on all the wonderful that happened once these guys all entered my home and our lives, but leaving the facts there, when they want them.
Sorry, I'm rambling

Lucky mother to five!

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