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August 31st, 2010, 12:09 AM
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Well I started feeling the O pains today mostly on my right side never felt them on right side b4 usually my left. It started this morning when i was takin MIL to work so i was like yep this is it i know these sharp pains but it wasnt major just like a dull pain. went home took an opk and it was ..... neg..... I couldnt believe it but i also didnt see any ewcm so i guess i shouldnt have been totally shock i usually get o pain then ewcm then pos opk... well felt the pain off and on through out the day. Everytime i went to the bathroom i prayed i saw some ewcm but nothing. I came home from work i started having this intense pain on my right side and it was constant for at least 30 mins but it didint feel like o pain it was just pain like a cramp from walkin to fast after havin water ya know. so i was like that couldnt have been o pain. I went on ff updated my info logged off and just decided hey i am gone take a opk just to make sure. went got me one peed in a cup wiped and holly molly EWCM a whole lot. i was so happy i put the opk in the cup and it started turnin immediately..... I was like uh oh gone get my bd on... lol... ok so i am wondering do i count this as cd 15 r cd 16 i tested a lil after 12 but i started havin the o pain early this morning but really at 10pm (i guess thats what that was) I think i am goin to put it at 15. Well i am off too bd so since i have sooo much ewcm should i use the preseed i bought.... IDK im just happy i o'd already... wish me luck ladies

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