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June 24th, 2006, 08:42 PM
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I would like to just sit back and do nothing, but I don't think that I can, at least not at this point. For my last 2 p/g (the ones I m/c), they haven't really done anything besides check HCG levels and do the u/s. Maybe I feel different because my two m/c have been blighted ovums. I feel that the dx the doctors gave me both times were accurate too, because by 10 or 12 weeks we should have been able to see something, or I should have seen something during the m/c. I don't feel that any amount of testing that they can do would have changed anything. Since the p/g were pretty much over by the time I ever went to the doctor (even though I carried them much longer), I don't think there was anything they could have done to save them. I think I would still go to the doctor early, because I would be in hopes that there was a baby there (that I could see!) and that if something was wrong that they might be able to do something. So, I guess at the moment, the pros outweigh the cons.

I would have liked to say that I don't want intervention, but since I really haven't had any (since they haven't 'treated' me for anything, then I guess I would have to try it to find if the outcome would be different.[/b]
I think in your case it's different though. It is different when you really haven't had any answers sweetie. I copied & pasted this for you:

Future Pregnancies: Should You Worry?

The vast majority of women who have suffered from blighted ovum go on to experience healthy pregnancies in the future. Though it is possible to suffer from multiple miscarriages, this is highly unlikely unless there is some reproductive issue. To give your body time to heal, it is advised that you wait for one to three menstrual cycles before attempting to conceive again. Use birth control during this time to prevent any possible pregnancies.

If you have experienced more than two consecutive miscarriages, you may want to make an appointment to speak with a reproductive specialist. You or your partner may be suffering from underlying issues that are complicating pregnancy. There are a number of treatments that can help you to prevent future miscarriages and carry a healthy baby to term.[/b]
It is possible to find some reason for b/o I think. I am not certain though & my RE told me that b/o's aren't related to typical recurrent issues. I hope that means for you that it is just a really bad twist of fate & that you never experience one again.

My issue is that I had medical intervention through 2 pgs & losses, then did testing - got results, had more medical intervention than ever during the last pg - and still ended up with the same outcome, but more medical bilss & more poking & prodding.

I hope that we can get the host thing straightened out soon & get the stickies up for tests to ask for & questions to ask your Dr when you go in for tests. I have been looking for some of my old info for all the tests I have had done, what they mean, etc. I will email it to you even if we don't have a sticky by then - so that you feel more prepared when you go in for this stuff & know what you want to ask, etc. I hope to have it done soon...because perhaps it will help someone else not feel as clueless & overwhelmed as I did walking into this.
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