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June 24th, 2006, 09:49 PM
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I also hate that friends & family act like they know ANYTHING about it - even when I KNOW I have told them things that should have educated them - they seem to forget it all maybe I need more testing. More testing doesn't "fix" anything. And there are always a MILLION questions about whatI have done or not done as if there is aperson on this planet more motivated than me at trying to figure this out.[/b]
Friends and family sometimes love us so much that they want to help make the hurt go away, but since they can't do that they try to "fix" what they perceive as the problem. As you've told me, I'm sure they mean well, even when it comes out completely wrong. Still hurts, though, and is frustrating - I do understand.

What if I got pg, had a healthy pg, and then spent the rest of my life as an overbearing, hyper paranoid, annoying parent that feared everything? What if I wouldn't leave my child with my own mother, or I wake up 10 times a night to check their breathing, or I never let them do anything, all because I have some fear of it never being completely okay? And I know I have to get through a pg before that is even possible - but still - what if I'm one of those crazy moms & my child grew up to hate me for being so hovering? How would that be a happy ending?[/b]
Watch "Finding Nemo" and pay particular attention to the bits of wisdom Dory dolls out to Marlin throughout the movie. My favorite scene is where Marlin says he promised Nemo "he'd never let anything happen to him." Dory responds, "Well that's a silly thing to promise," and then explains what she means. That scene kind of knocked me on my butt, because I'd never looked at it from her perspective and it made perfect sense. That said, I probably do still tend to hover over DS too much.
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