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August 31st, 2010, 11:30 AM
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I love love LOVE Finn! My favorite long versions are Fionnagán (pronounced like Finnegan) and Fionnuala ("fin-NOO-lah").

Fionnuala will be the name of a third daughter, if we ever have one (though we are thinking of the spelling Finnuala, so it'll be easier to pronounce in America... but I'm hesitant about that... I dislike respelling names, but I definitely want it as a first name). And we will use Finley for a third boy (if we ever have one). I'd go with Fionnagán or Finnegan, but I'd be bothered by the fact that three of our kids' names would end in "n" (Rhiannon, Conan, Finnegan) and only one would end in something different (Seamus). So Finley it'll be.

I also like Griffin as a full version of Finn. And I like Finn on it's own as well.

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