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August 31st, 2010, 04:33 PM
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Yes Naomi I do... i have a crib, a baby tub, and mostly clothes just stuff i find on sale and just cant pass up. like the crib was 50 dollars and the clothes i bought was 1 dollor and they r sooo nice the tub was 7 dollars. If i find i a bargin i have to get it cuz one day i do believe i might need it. The same stuff i bought the following year will be back and to its regular price. So when i do need it like last year there was sooo much stuff on sale at walmart baby stuff and I was preg but rufused to buy cuz i thought it was bad luck and i still wind up loosing the baby so I dont see the harm. Its just like if u were plannin on movin to new home a bigger home and u see somethings u like and on sale. u might not have purchased the home but u do know that u will and this u can use so y pass up on a bargin. I know i am so psyched that i made it over a 1000. I noticed last nite. I cant beleive it. thanks for reading and commentin on my journal Nayomi.

well tested 2day and got another big blaring pos on opk... So excited. also noticed some more crampin but its on both sides it goes from one side to the next. I was lookin at my chart and Im not seein that dip then rise to indicated ovulation. When i woke up my temp was 97.04 thats the highest its every been. but i can say that the day prior to that the temp might not be right cuz when i woke i couldnt find my themomter i usually keep under my pillow but me and dh had a wild night that nite so it could have been anywhere. I found it like 5 seconds later but i had said "i cant find my themomater" so i know u not suppose to talk b4 testin so IDK what to do bout that temp. but this morning it was higher than its been all cycle and i dont know what to make of that.... i dont think my chart gone show ovulation... IDK i guess time will tell.... I know i bd just in case. matter of fact dh didnt know what to think last night. he was knocked out i just climbed on top and did my thing and it was over... lol he never can handle me on top. i didnt want to draw out a long session so i kept it short and simple. i was still sore/sensitive from the previous nite. Oh and the preseed... LOVE IT..... but i didnt really need it cuz i had tons of EWCM still have some which never happens i usually have it one r 2 wipes but i still have tons 18 hours later must be the soy. When i tested this afternoon i didnt expect it to be pos but it was so took a shower me and dh both off today so we spent the most of the afternoon making love while the kids were at school. hadnt had sex in the day light in months... lol it was nice. I dont expect to get a bfp this cycle. I just want to c if the meds i am takin gone at least lengthn my lp. I am not gone even test unless its late and I mean 14dpo late. Late would be 11dpo for me but i want to be sure it wont be another chemical so i am gone w8 til 14dpo. 3 more days til my appt with my gyno... i really want to c what the prog test gone say. Well have to cook a meal for the fam. TTYL

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