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August 31st, 2010, 09:12 PM
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Had my 39 week appt today. My midwife did a home visit, because she was already going to be in my area for a few PP check ups. It was sooo nice not to have to drive the hour to her office!

Everything looks great! She said baby is VERY low! She couldn't even feel the head from the outside because it was so far down into my pelvis.

We finally got around to doing the GBS test, so hopefully we get those results back soon!

I've continued to progress...slowly but surely...I'm now 3-4 cm, and 80% effaced. All we need now is labor to start!

Oh, and I learned from my midwife today, you are supposed to eat a WHOLE pineapple for it to put you into labor! (I've only ever eaten some of wonder it wasn't working! Lol!) So my mom and sister went with me to the store, where we bought a pineapple(and some ice cream), then came home and I ate the whole thing!(my mouth was getting sore towards the end). We'll see if it works! (but I'm not holding my breath!)

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