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September 1st, 2010, 06:45 AM
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Well woke this morning at 5am like always well i woke up at 450 cuz i really had to go to the bathroom and wanted to temp b4 i got up and it was 97.86 WTH!!! y so high? When i got up to go the bathroom i noticed i was sweating. i mean really sweating. my shirt was wet which i couldnt understand cuz its freezin in my room. I think i am gone go back to bed and wake later take it then cuz aint no way that is right if it goes this way my chart wont show a O date... Im tired anyway cuz i didnt get to bed til 1am. I wake up early to take my MIL to work and then get the kids ready for school.... Im off 2day so im gone sleep in til my kids dentist appt at 2pm. Oh I had the strangest dream last nite. I dreamt i was preg and got my prog checked and it was .5 so doctor put me on prog of 550mg a month. It was a crazy dream bout insurance and seeing doctors and i saw my bean on ultrasound and it was jumpin on some ball at only 9weeks... lol it was crazy... hope that means something lol

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