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September 2nd, 2010, 08:29 AM
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Ya I know many who went the IUD route because they couldnt say for sure they were done. I also know a few who did get preggers on it but I dont think thats a high percentage.

Its a hard decision. We could tell ya what to do but then you'd really never be comfortable with it LOL.

I guess maybe a good thing to do is list the pros and cons and include your hubbys feelings in it all. I did that mentally because even tho I knew our family was complete I wanted to make sure I had all my "what ifs" nailed down(kwim?)

Some of my things were my age and my husbands age(we were both in the advanced age group), our ability to handle the children we had now vs adding to that, would we be having a fourth just to please someone else, did I really want to go through pregnancy again, would any needs I felt really be satisfied by having another, can we afford a fourth or would that be pushing us over the limit on many fronts, how does my spouse feel about having a fourth and am I willing to fight him on it vs learning to adjust.

Maybe that will help if you do a list. You can see it written out...some people work better solving issues being able to see it.

Good Luck!

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