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June 25th, 2006, 03:59 PM
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There are a lot of issues within this issue and lot of things to consider.

The child's right to life has already been violated harshly, in my opinion. The mother already has a strike against her. She needs to get counciling immediately as well as education and help with how to take care of her now high-need child. SHe needs to be monitored and have her homelife inspected to make sure it is safe for a child and, in some cases, have her child taken until conditions are right in the home to make the child safe there.

When the home is deemed safe and she is deemed able to be responsible for the welfare of the child, she should have custody with periodic visits from authorities in this area. If she cannot achieve this, the child should be taken and placed in foster care. Failure to achieve the standards set out for her by a certain time should result in loss of all parenting rights to the child.[/b]
I agree.
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