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September 2nd, 2010, 07:59 PM
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We would have used a Mohel had we chosen to circ as well. There is one about 20 mins from us who will circ non-Jews.

On the insurance issue-- our insurance is being a royal pain about covering the PKU NEWBORN SCREEN, because it wasn't done "in the newborn stay at the hospital". HE WAS A HOMEBIRTH FOR GOODNESS SAKE there wasn't a 'newborn stay'!!! We've got the decision in appeals, but we suspect they wouldn't have covered a circ either, because it wouldn't have been done as the 'newborn stay' thing either... and then we'd have the screen and the circ to pay for out of pocket. Yeah... definitely find out what your insurance covers, and what their TERMS for covering things are, because while our insurance covers the newborn screening, they "don't cover it" when it isn't done as part of the 48 hour hospital stay... basically a 'punishment' for not birthing in the hospital, imo!
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