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September 2nd, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Hi tryingfornumber2.... thanks for reading. Wow u havent been tryin that long but I bet it feels like forever. Dont get discouraged just hang in there it will come when the time is right. Yea my dreams r always crazy like that. IDK where that ball came from but it was jumpin away. lol again thanks for reading

Well I am wondering if i call this 1dpo. FF still hasnt given me a exact O date. I am hopin it gives me the o date of cd16 which will make me 2 dpo. I have been feeling bad since yesterday. but 2day was the worse. I am so sluggish and I have been nauseated all day. i mean like bout to hurl any moment. I dont think is eps cuz its just tooo early but something is goin on. I even had heartburn. I dont have heartburn. the only time i had heartburn was when i was preg with my daughter but like 7months preg. I dont know what it is. I am just w8n on ff to give me my cross lines already. I have my test 2moro. I am so excited to find out what they have to say bout that. I have to admit yes i bought some more baby clothes... lol.... hey they were a dollar. so cute... oh i cant w8 til i get my bfp i just miss holdin a baby ya know. i want to look into her or his eyes and see myself and my husband. I want to feel him r her move and have my hubby put his hand on my tummy. I cant w8 to hear their lil heart beat. I am even excited to throw up... BRING ON THE MORNING SICKNESS!!! I guess first i have to get my bfp... until then i will w8 patiently... TTYL

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