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September 3rd, 2010, 07:06 AM
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Well...(drum role please)... I got my crosslines... I am so stoked!!! I O'd Cd16 and I am 3dpo. Yay me. Im on my way to the Dr in bout an hour. I will update on how that goes. I need to look at somethings on the Net so BRB.... Well went to the dr and they took my blood. I asked her when will i get my results she said by tuesday r wednesday. I cant w8 to c what they have to say. Wow I have a major headache right now. its on the right side its like booming. ugh.... im really tired right now. I didnt get my usual nap b4 work. I been runnin all day. MIL wanted to me take her around and run some errands didnt get finish til 12 had to be to work at 1. I dont know y i am not sleep right now. I need to take my pharmacy right now. they sittin on the desk lookn at me now. i dont feel like swollowing. I felt some burnin sensation in my uterus area. dont know what that is. O i feel asleep in my car at lunch. lol i over slept too. somebody knocked on the window and woke me up. prob thought i was dead. i was sleepin good. ugh well i am buot to go now. TTYL

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