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September 4th, 2010, 11:27 PM
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4Dpo yay.... Today was an ok day nothing really to report. felt that burnin sensation in my uterus today. dont know what to make of that. Oh i know what i wanted to tell u bout. My dream. Last night i had a dream that i had a feelin i was preg so i wanted to take a test. I went to the bathroom sat on the toilet started goin put the test (which i never do i use cups) in my stream and i was just w8n. I looked at the test and it was BFP. I was so excited couldnt believe it. I wake up and I am layin in a big puddle of piss. I went to the bathroom on myslef. can u belive that. i am so happy dh was gone already for work. lol well i am off to bed... TTYL

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