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June 26th, 2006, 06:05 AM
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Oh Beck, you must read my mind..I was thinking the exact thing the other day.......Here is my story, well you know most of it...3 miscarriages no explanation well FSH high not much of an egg reserve...well here we go this month that did an hopes were up...the doctor stood there and said you will must likely get pregnant this month...I was so excited...well after taking Clomid and a HCG trigger shot and promterium, guess what I AM NOT PREGNANT.....I am so sick of doctors...and to top that off I am like 5 days late on my period, the doctors nurse said that is common because of the progeterone(prometruim) it delays your and my husband sat down the other night and I discussed with him how I hate seems that medical intervention is not working on me...I had a better success rate getting pregnant on my own.....Now to top all that off the doctor wants me to go and get a Rubella shot and wait 3 months, take 3 months off??????.....ok the doctor tells me on one hand my FSH is really high and I have low egg count, so treat me one month with IUI and then take a break for 3 because you need that rubella shot? I mean what the hell???? Most woman don't even know that are not immune for Rubeela until they are pregnant and then it is too late they have to wait until the baby is born to get the shot????????? So I have decided to do this by myself....worst case I miscarriage again.....I really just need a break from the stress of doctors trying to tell me what to do and in my eyes are confusing me, I mean taking Clomid etc can';t be good for the body........Somedays I think I know more than them......So BECK I understand what you are saying...I think you helped me...what I feel in my heart I have to do...and that is try myself? I think your feeling are right and you know what I bet once you get pregnant you will tell all of us that you went for your 12 week u/s and everything was great! WE really cannot give up! I admore your stength!............
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