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September 5th, 2010, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Lash View Post
Ok you can get frustrated, but I can't somehow refute the history of the name itself. I can't go rewrite history just for you because you are angry that the name is typically used by girls. I"m sorry that makes you roll your eyes. I"m sure you researched the name before you used it, I can't be the first person to ever suggest Briar Rose or the history of this as a female name.

Not only historically is it a female name, it is even more specifically a Disney Princess name. It would be like me naming my daughter William and being angry if someone points out that it's a typically male name. It's fine for us to somehow use boys names for girls, but someone gets offended if we point out that boys sometimes use girl names. Briar is typically a female name, but that doesnt' meant it can't be unisex. I'm not sure why that makes you angry or roll your eyes, but blame the rest of the world, not me! I just pointed it out to the poster asking about using the name in the future.
Actually you are the first person to say my son carries a girl name.

Disney deciding to name their princess a unisex name to me does not dictate that my son is carrying a girls name.

What I cant stand is that everyone is saying my son has a girls name...when its clearly a unisex name. Its been used in movies AS A BOY NAME and AS A GIRL NAME....i roll my eyes because Im done sayings its unisex...and everyone else saying..sorry its a girls name. We have got nothing but compliments from people that they love our son's name...we have never once been told..hey isnt that princess aurora's fake name in the disney movie Sleeping Beauty.......

and actually the eye roll wasnt toward you...... it was toward the whole thread and me giving up....but I guess you were just looking to fight.

They named her Briar Rose because she was a Rose encased in thorny bushes aka briar's..that to me doesnt make Bryar/Briar feminine...

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