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September 5th, 2010, 11:07 PM
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well nothing to report today. except i was havin some major breast pain. but i chalked it up the fact that i wore a bad bra. I wore the bra that is lace all the way through and my nipple is getting caught in the laces which is not a good feeling. Im extremely tired. I am just gettin off from work and watching hairspray...i love this show. .I am still having crazy dreams but last night i had bout 3 dreams. one was bout my co worker that she went in labor and i was there rubbin her back cuz her husband didnt want to touch her. IMO he is a jerk not condiderate at all but who am i to judge. Well I am 6dpo and I cant w8 to c if i get af in 4 days.... Well TTYL

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