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June 26th, 2006, 08:03 AM
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Not wonderfully made, but I just gotta hop in and reply!

Birth "O" is basically the orgasmic feeling that a lot of women (not all) feel during natural childbirth. A lot of the hormones that our body produces to help labor are the same hormones that our bodys release during sex. Its rarely discussed, the sexual aspect of childbirth, and even more rarely that the "birth 'o'" is discussed

Some women say its the best well kept secret, and other women are just so surprised b/c its not something thats commonly taught.

But, its that feeling of euphoria... and some women describe it as "orgasmic" while others will say they had an all out orgasm.

Hope that helps. Ina May Gaskin talks a lot about it in her book "Guide to Childbirth".


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