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September 6th, 2010, 04:13 PM
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Jackson Howard born 4/1 at 1017pm
7lbs 3oz
20 inches

Well first off my EDD was 4/9 and DH predicted that 4/1 would be the due date when we first found out we were preggers.

So at around 415 am I was going back to bed from the uptean time going to the bathroom and I felt like I was peeing again. I got up and started to head back to the bathroom when my water broke. As I walked out the room I told DH "I think my water broke" talk about someone jumping out of bed fast. After about 30 minutes of "leaking" we decided to head to the hospital. So at 5am we were at the hospital. We started in the receiving room and DH was joking how we are going to be here forever. The nurses were great and really friendly. At around 8am they asked if we were ok with a student nurse shadowing us and well I didnt care. They had to learn somewhere. During that time they checked to make sure that it was my water that broke and get me on the IV. I also was not having any contratations so at around 9am 5 hours in the on call doctor had me started on pitocin to help me along.

Soon after that we were finally moved to the normal labor and delivery room, but I was only 4cm along. I really wanted an epi because I really didnt know what to expect as far as pain. I also wanted to try and wait til I couldnt handle the pain anymore. Well sadly at 11am the nurse came in and said that the annesthesilogist was here giving an epi to someone else and DOESNT LIKE COMING TO THE L&D MORE THEN ONCE SO I HAD TO GET THE EPI. I was barely in pain and still to this day 5 months later wonder why I didnt speak up and say no. But I got it way to early, but it was nice being comfy. I spent the next couple of hours playing with DH's itouch. There were a couple scary moments when LO's heart rate dropped and they had to temporarliy lower the pitocin dosage and put me on O2. The two times that happened was when my mom happened to call us to see how everything was and try and talk to me. Which I couldnt.

It was about 4pm when I started to feel pain in the right side. It came with every contration. I was still at 5cm no progression so I started to get worried that I may have to get an emergency C-section. Well they pain started to get worse and worse till I felt them on both sides and they were the contractions. I started to feel everything, and the only reason I thought the epi maybe really wearing off was the fact that when they cathered me to help me "go" I could feel it, when before I couldnt feel a thing. DH tried to help but making me laugh during a contraction did not!!!! Well at around 8pm She checked me again and I was at 9.5cm so in a way the epi wearing off was a good thing because I progressed faster then I did on it. She did say that in 30mins she would check again and if we still had time they would redo the epi which I wished they would have done earlier. Well 30mins later I was at 10cm and I felt like pushing so bad.

I started pushing at around 847 and because 2 other women were in the same phase, the nurse made me push every other contraction to help wait for the dr. Talk about tough to do, I wanted to push at every contraaction. I guess while checking me they must have noticed LO was coming down facing up not down, so she had me move to my side. I could barely stay on my side I was in so much pain and kept on asking when I could go on my back and when she told me in 3 pushs and she waited longer, I wanted to brib her . DH was asked if he wanted to see the miracle of birth and he was like NO!!! It was funny dispit being in pain. After about 2 1/2 hours of pushing the DR came in and said that I had two options either a C-section or to use the vacuum and help bring LO out. I chose the vacuum help because I did not want a C-section. So when it came for him to out in the vacuum, it hurt like hell. Well in 3 pushes he told me that I had to get an episiotomy because I was tearing the wrong way. I got numbed which was another sign that I think the epi def wore off. After another 3 pushs I gave birth to a health baby boy at 1017pm!!!!

DH never got to cut the cord because they wanted to make sure he was ok coming out the wrong way. I felt horrible because he really wanted to. Well while they were sewing me up, all I wanted to know was how much he weighed and how long he was and they were like we havent done that yet. DH then asked if he could go over to the warming bed he was in to see him, I once again laughed and told him it was his son he could go over there and see him. He said that he didnt want to leave me if I didnt want him to while I was getting stitched up. At around 1130pm my MIL, who mind you was annoying the hell out of nurses so bad that during pushing, DH had to leave and tell her they couldnt give her seconly updates and to wait til he comes to get them after Jackson was born, with my FIL came in and were the first family to see him.

It was really great experiance over all from a 1st time mom and I cant wait to do it again, but this time no epi at all.

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