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June 26th, 2006, 08:26 AM
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Or maybe she's one of those people who doesn't necessarily want kids but thinks she's supposed to have some. I used to teach in a swanky preschool, and we had several parents who I described as having kids just for the pictures in their offices. The ones who needed family pictures to feel completely successful in their careers, even though they spent very little time with the kids. These were parents who would drop off the kids a 7:00 when we opened and not pick up until 6:00, unless they'd hired one of us for a night/week to take the kids home after school/spend the night or watch the kids for the whole weekend. They'd use quite a few of us to try to hide how often they were actually gone. I even had one mom get mad when we called her to pick up her son because it was dad's night and since she had to come in she didn't get to go out to the bars that night. I was always so sad for these kids, so if your friend's friend is one of these, sounds like it's better off that things aren't working for her (I hate to say that, but after all I saw...).

Sorry your trip wasn't any fun.
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