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June 26th, 2006, 08:32 AM
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Well, I have had an array of responses, the most harsh being from my family! lol.

My Hs family - well I think hes a little nervous to tell them, but well see.

Ive gotten everythign from "youre so brave" to "your nuts!" and even "yah - you say that now - youll be BEGGING to go to the hospital , just wait". lol.

My mom basically said "HOw DARE you do that to my grandchild - you are SO selfish!"" and even better - she claims "Drs CANT do csections unless its an absolute life or death emergency - youre just overly paranoid" - yeah, thats my mom for ya. WE dont have the GREATEST relationship lol.

My grandmother had her children in the "knock em out and drag em out" era - so she just doesnt understand why they dont give ALL women csections and be done with it lol. Although her mother had all 5 of her children at home.

My aunt - same thing - and when she caught wind of us renting a birth tub - she asked if our baby was born with gills and if the water had to be chlorinated or salt water! Whatever.

My cousin - his W just had a scheduled CSection b/c the dr convinced them their 8 1/2 lb baby would NEVER be delivered alive vaginally and it was TOO dangerous NOT to do a cesarean. He wondered what we would do if we had an 8 1/2 lb baby. I reminded him he was 10 lbs - his mother had him naturlaly and vaginally, and theyre both her to tell about it lol. His first reaction was "you mean you wont have to call 911 if the baby is 9 lbs?".

Im really surprised by some of the responses. Few have been truly supportive, a large portion truly curious, and a few too many have thought i was nuts/endangering my baby/selfish/etc.


Well see what they have to say after I have the baby


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