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September 6th, 2010, 09:00 PM
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Well ihave not gotten any sleep today. i didnt even bother tempin this morn when i woke cuz i hadnt been to sleep. I woke up at 430 to take hubby to work and then i had to get MIL and bring to work then had to pick up 19 month old neice to watch her so i guess u know that means i have not slept. that lil girl is soooo spoil and dont listen. but i love her so. I tried to catch a nap but that didnt go to well. I dont k now y i am still up. I am not feeling well. i think i over ate r something. I am also constipated so my tummy hurts. MY SIL came to pick up her lil girl and saw me and she was like "r u preg" I didnt even answer her. I cant w8 to find out my results i hope they r in 2moro. Well i just came on to c how every1 is. C if there is any new bfp's. TTYL

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