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September 6th, 2010, 09:24 PM
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I think it just depends on the home life and what you do with your child, sign them up for, if you help with college, etc. Also a child isn't an investment as you get nothing in return nor can you sell them (well not supposed to haha), so they're really not "investments". It also depends on what your home is worth.

But like we do not pay for daycare and I still bring in a full time paycheck, I make sure not to blow a bunch on clothes so I spend around $200 a year in clothes for our son and $70 a year in shoes. Now he does play baseball which costs but that's our choice and isn't very expensive, same with Cub Scouts. School supplies everything he needs to learn, so the only others is his medical care, dental care, food, and college fun.

Our house more than likely exceeds what it will cost to raise our son I would drastically imagine...if not exceeds comes very close.

Just depends on each individual household IMO on if that's a true statement or not. More of a variable statement I would say.
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