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September 7th, 2010, 11:36 PM
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thanks tryinfornumber2 and good luck on your test 2moro make sure u KMP... and Nayomi I wont test til 13dpo which is the 13th and a monday. I have 1 frer and 1 digital but i think af gone show her face sat....

Well got the call back from the nurse and she says that the doc wants to have a sit down with me bout the test i requests. seems he doesnt know anything bout the tests that i requested only "high in fertilty specialist" order this test according to him... ugh i just wanted to scream today. and then on top of that the office called me like 5 times 2day telling me the samething man can they please communicate in that office... oh well now i am just ready to get af so i can start my new cycle. I am going to try the 21 day fertility diet. Im also gone add maca root and royal jelly to pharmacy. It seems it helps alot with ttcing so we shall c. i saw the RJ at walmart but I cant find the maca root i might have to buy that online. I really want to loose some weight also I have gained bout 25 lbs since my wedding. thats not cool.. i want to also start walking so when i put the kids on the bus i am goin to walk to the park down the st and take a few laps.... i really feel confident that i willl get my bfp by the end of the year so keep me in your prayers.... well goin to bed ttyl

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