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September 8th, 2010, 06:38 AM
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they will Nayomi I have faith they will....

So I wake up this morning to take my temp and mannn it dropped again... I know this means Af is on her way. I had a feeling cuz i was so nauseaus yesterday. i mean really not feelin well and i usually get that way when af is on her way. That means that my lp is goin to be shorter if it starts 2day r 2moro. Ugh now that is frustrating. Im really gone have to talk to the dr on this one if it starts this soon. Last cycle it started early by one day at least i think so cuz i didnt chart. I could have o'd sooner then i thought cuz chartin i was a day behind so maybe but 1 will never know. y is my lp shorter it dont make no since. Im really gone get on fertility diet starting next week. u have to buy alot of organic food and i dont have the money to get this week but will next so Im gone start then. but i am goin to drink the water soon as i wake like they said to get my body use to drinkin it so much... not really a water fan. wow its amazin what u do when u really want something and I really want this i really want a baby. Well I am bout to go back to sleep just put the kids on the bus and i didnt get to bed til after 2 clowning with the hubby. I have to work later so im gone sleep til its time for me to get up. See ya when i get off.'

well today was another day at work. Couldnt w8 to get off. my breast was hurting all day. they feel like somebody punched me in them. I felt the samething last cycle too but cant remember at what point in my cycle was I. So i know its not ESP even though a couple of cycles ago i had the samething extreme breast pain so i tested at 9dpo and got a 2nd line then tested at 10dpo and got a very very light line and then tested at 11dpo and got nothing and the same day my period started so i am wondering if i had a chemical and if i tested right now would i get a positive I dont want to chance i promised myself that i wouldnt do it cuz that hurted so bad when af showed i really thought i was preg. Im gone w8 it out til af shows and if she is not here by 12dpo i will test the next day. I cant w8 to go to sleep so i can wake up and take my temp to c if its gone drop again.

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