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June 26th, 2006, 11:25 AM
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I never saw my u/s photos so I don't really have any of those kinds of momentos. I ordered a necklace the day of my D&C though and I'm still waiting for it, and I planted a little garden with peony bushes and hydrangeas.

As for the items that I collected or purchases while I was pg I have them in a drawer in the spare room that was suppose to be the nursery. Everytime I receive something in the mail I don't even open it and I put it in the dresser. My mom bought a cute little Precious Moments doll that says the Lord's prayer and I have it in the dresser as well. I can't bring myself to look at anything right now.

With my 1st pg I only knew I was pg for a week so I didn't have time to get anything and nobody knew we were pg, but I did get lover 2 dozen roses from family and friends and I dried them. So that is all I have of my first angel.

Stephanie, your comment about your Grace being with Papa brought tears to my eyes. After my first loss my parents were over and said that Nanny and Papa (my grandparents who passed away) were up in heaven with our baby. After this 2nd loss my dad made a comment about how Nanny & Papa have another baby to love. Since we never had the chance to spend time with the babies the 2 best people were with them right now. My Nanny & Papa loved us so much and it brings me so much comfort to know that they are in a safe place and surrounded by love.

***I'm sitting here at my desk in my office and I'm crying as I write this. It's been the first time I've cried since I was laying on the table in the OR the day of my D&C.
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