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June 26th, 2006, 11:43 AM
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DH is very supportive and optimistist about having a child one day. The 2nd loss really hit him hard though but has made him want a child that much more. He actually asked me when he was "on deck" as we call it when I'm O'ing and schedule the BD.

When a friend called to gloat that she was pg DH got upset and angry after I got off the phone with her. He's so frustrated that people get pg and don't think twice of the miracle that it truly is, or take it for granted.

DH is fine with testing and has done plenty of tests on his swimmers. He's committed to doing whatever it takes to conceive and knows that I have to endure a whole lot more than he'll ever have to. He figures with his little bit part in the process he might as make the most of it and go along with everything with no complaints and make the best of the situation.

In all of this...he's come out with an awe of how much a miracle a baby truly is and doesn't take it for granted anymore. Then again, I did marry a guy who is more sensitive then that average guy and sometimes joke that him and I are opposite in that I deal with things like a guy would and he deals with things like a woman would. It really helps to balance things out in our relationship and I love that we're so different and deal with things like this. I truly am blessed to be with him and realize that more and more with each event that takes place.
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