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September 8th, 2010, 09:17 AM
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As most of you know I had made a post late Sat night that I thought my waters had broke. I have NEVER had this happen before on it's own so I did not know what to expect. That day was just like any other day only SO had his kids over and as most of you know we always have a super trying time with his daughter, she was a complete monster for most of the day, tried to kill my fish, dumped nail polish everywhere, dumped bubbles out everywhere are just a few things not to mention her frequent melt downs for no apparent reason just because she was not getting her way. I even tried to talk to her, to discipline her to give her father a break but she just would not listen, she had no concern or regard for anyone else and showed no remorse for kicking my dog in the head, and actually smiled about it. SO was going to leave with them because he could see it was causing me stress, I felt nauseated and tired, the sciatic was killing me and he didn't feel it was fair she was contributing to my feeling that way. I told him not to worry about it and just left the room.

He put them to bed and about 30 mins or so later came up stairs to talk to me, I was talking about my excitement that I only had 6 days to go then all the pain from my back would be gone, I was talking to Nash asking if he was ready to be evicted, Kenny wasn't in my room 5 minutes when I felt something really warm "down there" like everything just got hot. He saw the look on my face and was like "are you okay?" I said I think I am pissing myself! I got up and ran to the bathroom, by the time I got there I was completely soaked though and it was still coming out. I was really confused and thought okay maybe the UTI caused me to lose my bladders? It stopped, I got up and it started again, sat back down, started to shake uncontrollably, Kenny brought me the phone, I called my mom, woke her up lol asked her if it was possible to spontaneously piss yourself during pregnancy. She said no and told me my water probably broke.

Here I am arguing with her that it can't be my water because remember my body doesn't know what to do with labor and at my other dr appointment just two days prior there had been no change. I told her I would call her back if there had been any change. Got up, got around the corner of the hallway to ask SO for a pair of underwear and AGAIN it started pouring out of me, all over the floor and everything, he's got eyes like saucers asking me what he should do, I am laughing uncontrollably because I didn't know what was going on, still shaking I go to my room.....

Call my mom back, she tells me to call labor and delivery to see if my dr is on call, they wouldn't tell me! They said I had to come in. I didn't want to! I just wanted to go have a shower and go to sleep lol! I call my mom back, she says I will find out for you (she's a RN) so she calls me back literally 30 seconds later and tells me yes he is on call, at this point I start gushing water again, here I am still in shock thinking this is the longest pee in the darn world! Then my plug started to come out, that was gross. My moms like ya, your water broke go to the hospital.

Would have been nice for it to stop leaking, just a little bit so I could pack my bag, I send SO around the neighbourhood to find a friend who had a pad to spare (funny thing was I was GOING to buy some that day but because of his daughter I refused to take her into anymore stores and decided to do it the following day). By the time I got in the van to go to the hospital I had stopped gushing.

Got to the hospital, plowed my way through every door because APPARENTLY I was suppose to sign in but I didn't care since they locked the doors on the other side and I had to go all the way around which pissed me off. My dr looked at me very surprised when he saw me and asked that I be swabbed to make sure it was my water, I am sure he thought I was crazy. Here I am carrying on that I just want to go to sleep, that I would come back in a week for my section and everything would be fine. I wasn't in labor nor did I ever progress beyond my waters breaking. They hurt me trying to get the swab and they couldn't even get a decent sample and there little tester thing was negative for fluids. the dr wanted it on a slide, they told me I was completely dry and there was NO water in me, they were basically like well we will use what we got but it's not going to tell us much.

20 mins later my doctor comes in and tells me ALL my waters were gone. I don't know how he knew that but he did and he told me they were doing the c section that night. I was quite pissed to say the least, I wanted to sleep! lol But whatever, surgery is right up my alley too!

So a little after 2 hours of arriving at the hospital I was c sectioned and my beautiful little boy was born at 3:16am on September 5th 2010 weighing 8lbs 12oz and 21 3/4 long. I say little because to me he is, compared to Levon, Levon was born weighing 9lbs 14.5oz and almost 23 inches!

Kenny is positive his daughter caused my waters to break. Maybe she did? I dunno, I won't hold it against the poor kid though. I guess his ex had something similar happen, and stress caused her waters to break also.

Oh and because I came in as urgent and not scheduled and the paper work had not been filed for the tubal they told me they couldn't do it! I begged and pleaded and no go, I said just give me the paper work I'll do it all right now! They said it had something to do with the circumstances and hospital regulations. I'm quite irritated that I am still fertile and I dread having to go back for another surgery. The thought of it all just makes me sick.

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