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September 8th, 2010, 08:20 PM
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on the ovulation test kit we got if you werent ovulating there would be a faint line and a darker line so 2 lines but if you were ovulating both those lines should either be same darkness or ov lin will be slightly darker than test line but a very very close match. test should always be read within 3 -10 mins max only any time after 10 mins isnt reliable. dependant apon you rcycle and when you start to test you will keep getting the faint line until you surge and this is when you will get the darker line (which should match the test line or be slightly darker than the test line) once this happens you should try to do the deed within 24 hours. if you dont and you test again next day or day after the dark line will most likely be gone as you missed the time frame of ovulation....... this is mostly what i was told as i didnt have to go for a 2nd month due to hitting it first go which was alot of luck.

not sure on the epo (evening primrose oil) as i have never ever used it before. af is aunt flow (your periods)

sorry for not being too much help but i try where i can, good luck!

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