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September 9th, 2010, 01:29 AM
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Don't feel weird you have concerns....Anxiety and fear for any type of birth is's the typical mama bear gene...wanting to do anything/everything to protect your lil bear cub and have nothing happen to either of you, etc. It's a primal extinct

So yes I did experience that with DS....I was so freaking scared/worried I'd end up at the hospy with a caesearn, which was the last thing I wanted...but after my birthing classes I changed my thought in regard to thinking like that- thinking that the hopsy and c-section are there for a reason, there to help in case of an emergency and that would be the only reason we'd be transporting there. So i had to remind myself that they are there to help, and if that's what happens it's because it was what would be best for me and the baby, not matter how scared of surgery and hospitals i may be, it would be for the best- for us all to be safe and healthy with just a change in the birth.

Reminding myself and trying to think calmly of the above has helped and reminding myself it's ok and normal to be worried and have anxieties about birth. It's human nature I'm sure your friends who had HBs and were confident secretly had some fears that they didn't share, as most people think that if they share their fears with others, especially about a HB they think someone will tell them they shouldn't have a HB and go to the hopsital instead. (i know that would be the case for me...)

So hang in there! everything happens for a reason and I'm sure all will be a'ok whatever happens, but hopefully you too will get your homebirth.

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