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September 9th, 2010, 01:59 AM
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I was nervous before hand too. I told myself that I needed to stay home though - because given the studies it was the safest place to be - and if I went to the hospital (without some sort of reason) it would be because that's what 'everyone' thinks is safer. I needed to stick to the actual safer choice.
And my baby did have serious breathing problems after she was born and was transferred to the hospital - but she is FINE. I'm still happy about my choice and I would do it again. I think she did so well despite her problems because she had no stress or trauma at birth - and I was able to cope with a sick baby and breast feed and bond with no trouble because we had such a good birth experience and she got to nurse right away and everything.

Thank you Kiliki for my first beautiful Siggie!

mom of 2 angels and an earth baby
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